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Our in-store expertise, cost efficiency and attention to
detail gives your packages
the advantage.
The Pacific Container Advantage

Merchandising Advantage
It takes in-store impact to reach your potential buyers. We have the experience and ingenuity to design, manufacture and deliver attractive merchandising solutions that work through your supply chain. Our network of designers and manufacturers meet and exceed your expectations.

Resource Advantage - The speed to reach!

Our qualified and dedicated network of experts let you breath easier even under tight deadlines. We have the experience to address every product rollout and retail challange.
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Design Pre-Production
Manufacturing Pre-Production
Manufacturing Process
Fullfillment Process
Shipping Process

Performance Advantage

Every package is expertly designed so your container or display will ship safely, store effectively and perform reliably to meet the most stringent standards of demanding retailers. Eye-catching graphics combined with postprint and lithography options effectively meet your requirements and budget. Pacific Container makes certain that your product has in-store impact.

Productivity Advantage

Get the most for your in-store merchandising dollar. Your customers have seconds to view your product. Our innovative production techniques, graphic designers and our network of converting facilities maximize your productivity.